Sam asks the Guru about her noisy, crunchy knee

Sep 21st, 2015


I recently discovered when walking up stairs that what I thought was a pebble stuck in my shoe that was making a strange noise was infact my knee, there is minimal pain, sometimes a burning sensation and what feels like a muscular pain starting at top of my knee down front of shin. What is more worrying is when a bend or squat or put pressure walking up stairs there is this crunchy (series of popping noises) noise coming from my knee.

I’ve been jogging for about 2 years now but recently took up body bump and spin so not sure if that’s contributed.

How and who would I see to get to the bottom of what this is as I’m now worried I’m making it worse just walking around or my knee is crumbling. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

With thanks


Sep 21st, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Sam


Don’t panic!


Knee’s can make the most fantastic array of different noises. From deep growls to high pitched clicks, but do be very assured that the noises that you hear have very little or anything to do with “wearing out” or “crumbling” of joints.


This is still a really nasty hangover from too many in the medical profession scaring the heebie jeebies out of their patients by professing utter rubbish!


Noise in your knee does not equate to dangerous pathology.


Many people with good, decent strong knees have a jukebox of noises just as those who have really mashed up, painful knees are totally silent.


There some fantastic research coming out from just down the road saying exactly this – patients fear is big, pathology ain’t!


There are plenty of things that you/we can do to try to alleviate the noise – sometimes it’ll give you more noise, sometimes less and sometimes it’ll stay the same.


If you’ve got painful knees it’s a slightly different matter – you deal with the pain but the noise maybe still inconsequential.


So crack on – You’re not making anything worse. Noise is noise, but no more than that!


The Guru

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