Severe leg pain

Feb 03rd, 2020

Hi Guru.


I am living and working in a country where i cant find a proper specialist so i hope you can help…


From simple bad posture (sitting at computer for hours sitting the wrong way), my entire leg seized up. Severe spasms in all the muscles. Doc prescribed muscle relaxants, and eventually i recovered enough that i can walk and do normal tasks. BUT… In my left leg, i am left with massive muscle knots on my vastus lateralis where it connects to the tendon just above the knee. This causes the muscle to be ultra tight, affects range of motion… My hamstrings and groin also seem tight but they seem to be caused by the vastus since they come and go depending on my pain level in that muscle.


From that description do you have any inkling of what might be going on and how to fix it?


I have tried every stretch known to man, foam rollers, self massage….

Feb 03rd, 2020

The Guru Responded:

Hi Terry


Try knocking the stretching on the head. Your muscles are protectively stiffening themselves up to protect the joints which are moving without enough control.


Have you had a look here Back Pain Videos there are some great exercises that’ll really help your symptoms by dealing with the cause – which is more common than not a stiff and flexed thoracic spine. Get this bit moving, do some gluteal stability exercises and I’m sure within a week you’ll start to see a difference.


Good luck.


The Guru

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