Sore knees after football

Mar 22nd, 2018



I get very sore knees after football. Whilst it’s dark nights we have 5’s instead of training on a Thursday but I have slight discomfort in my knee and my legs are a bit heavy still on a Sunday but I can run around the loch from my house (about 9k) with not much problem.


Just generally looking for advice about training and keeping fit for football as I’m now 34. I’ve told them I’m not going to play 5’s any more due to the hard surface and will rejoin training when we’re back outside.


Thank you

Mar 22nd, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Gregor


I think you could be right as to why your knees are sore, as in the surface is too hard. You could try to change this by adding really simple sorbothane insoles (in your shoes) to help take some load but also make sure that you are not just running – that’s very straight line stuff. 5’s is multi directional and stop start stuff. Rather than just canning this (as you haven’t changed what the issue is, you’ve just stopped doing what you like to do) you should perhaps add some of this into your training – and certainly add it in going forwards.


Instead of just belting out for a 9k run why not mix it up a little. Add in some tempo running, some intervals, add change of directions and stop start to your weekly outing. What would be really good at least twice a week would be to do a short (30 mins or less) HIIT training session  at home. It’s super easy (and pretty hard work), lots of them on YouTube and will give you your fitness and the multidirectional function you  need.


Here’s to Summer…

The Guru

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