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The dreaded plantar fasciitis

Jan 11th, 2014

Robin Scrivener asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Hi. I am a 47 yr old male runner who has been suffering with plantar facissitis for around two months. I stopped running for nearly a month to let it heal with no success. I am due to be in the Bupa 10k in London on the 27th May and am worried that I will have pull out. I have tried all the things that are said to aid recovery, ice, foot exercises,rest etc with no complete cure. Any advise. Rob

The Guru Responded:

Hi Rob
This is SO common and SO poorly looked after. It’s really important to understand why….
PF is an overstretch problem – until you find out why it’s being overstretched rest won’t really help. It’s also why stretching doesn’t do much either…
The most common issues are poor foot control (you foot rolls in too much without enough control) so need to have good long hard look at your shoes (are they too old) or what your glut control is (not) doing (do you wobble standing on 1 leg doing a single knee bend). These are really common causes which all ultimately lead to your calf becoming stiffer.
Don’t despair about the 10k, yet. Bin the ice, keep in supportive trainers at work, avoid too much loading for the next 10 days (inc walking) and most importantly get your calfs released NOT stretched. You’ll have to either do this on a foam roller or find someone who can.
At home practice standing on 1 leg for 30 seconds at a time and control you balance – as this improves, get onto tiptoes PAIN FREE.
Decrease your overstretch and you’ll start to improve. Keep your CV status up in the pool or on a bike.

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