The Guru advises Tony that having a TKR is a little scary if he is pretty pain free

Dec 29th, 2014

Had a tidy up of left Knee 2years ago and decided it would be good to get
right Knee tidied up during the summer.However after an MRI on right knee I
was advised that it was in a bad condition and surgery would not benefit me.I
was advised that although I was not in pain at moment knee replacement was

However I advised that I was not in pain and as a relatively young man I was
keen to continue playing sports until the problem started affecting me.
Started to get a twinge in the top left position of my right knee
ocassionally but want to continue to the end of the season and then look to
get some treatment.

Would like to get advice on stem cell repair or similar want to be active
playing all sports for 10 years or more worried there is no solution.

Regards, Tony


Dec 29th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Tony


Tricky call – good on one hand for your OS to say that no more can be done but a little scary saying  that you need a TKR despite being pretty pain free.


I’m sure something could be done – but if it’s not for pain and I’m assuming that your knee feels weak, has poor range and swollen so you’re right to think further down the line.


Stem cell stuff is already out there with NICE approving ACI and MACI repairs, but of the little I’ve clinically seen “it’s OK” but not the finished product. Certainly if your thinking of joint repair, I would consider that’s a fist way down the line – and you never want to be the first!


You need to respectfully keep your knee strong – too much and it’ll blow up and not enough will give diminishing returns. If you’re playing footie, then that’s pretty good – and a little twinge doesn’t necessarily mean that your knee is about to implode.


Have your considered having a jab of either Synvisc or Durolane?


The Guru

Six Physio

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