Tracy asks the Guru about twisting her knee

Jan 07th, 2016

I fell down the stairs at home on 3rd Jan and twisted my knee – it is slightly swollen with no bruising. It is very painful on the inner side of my knee (not the actual knee cap – that is fine).

I can put a little weight on it, I am unable to fully straighten my leg. It is painful when moved about and if I turn or twist I get a sharp pain in my knee

I did not do any treatment but have it strapped up today 5th Jan.

Jan 07th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Tracy


That sounds OK – bashing a knee can be pretty sore, especially if you’ve crashed your knee into something or you’ve tweaked the ligament that sits on the inside of the knee joint.


It sounds like you are following the RICE principle – so get some ice on it, get it up and see if you can gently start moving/loading it over the next few days. It will be sore, it may not feel “normal” but the extra few days will make a difference. If you can take over the counter painkillers (paracetamol) and anti inflams (ibuprofen) then do, according to the instructions.


If you’ve tweaked your MCL (the ligament own the inside) it may take a little longer.


When you feel like it can take more weight – small squats and lunges are a pretty good way to slowly build up some strength and endurance.


Hope this helps


The Guru

Six Physio

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