Twinge in knee

Jun 12th, 2020


I’ve been doing quite a bit of walking lately and yesterday when stepping with my left foot, I felt a quick twinge at the top outer part of my kneecap – almost like it was beneath the kneecap. This seems to be only when I straighten my leg.

Everything I’ve read about runners knee sounds like it’s actual pain and more pronounced when bending the knee; instead I’m experiencing a light jolt (a twinge) in this area and it’s when I lock the knee to do a hamstring stretch or while walking.

I can’t find any leads online.

What might be going on?

Jun 12th, 2020

The Guru Responded:

Hi Nicole – that’s right(ish!) about runners knee as when you bend the knee the kneecap is pushed into the front of your thigh bone.

At the opposite end – when you straighten your knee there in no contact at all between the kneecap and the thigh bone, so your pain doesn’t sounds like it’s an issue with your kneecap per se.

However, it does sound like something is getting pinched between your kneecap and thigh. There are lots and lots of different fluid filled sacs around your knee called bursa – and I think this might be the cause of your pain.

Thankfully they generally settle with rest (don’t keep re-testing your painful movement) and think about waking with “soft knees”. Ice and anti inflams (if you can take them) should settle it down within a few days.

The Guru

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