Guru tells Peter: after a night’s boxing you’ve got both whiplash and a rugby stinger

Sep 25th, 2014

Hi, i have a pain in my shoulder blade and think it could be a jarred/trapped

I was boxing last night and took a hard blow to the face while at the
same time swinging my arm. As contact was made to my face i felt my neck
tighten, then my shoulder blade felt like it had a sharp pain shoot through
it, then my arm started to shake and had pins and needled shoot right down my
arm to my fingers.

I was in a lot of pain and had to lay down. All evening
had bad pins and needles and didn’t sleep well. This morning my shoulder
blade and neck is still in a lot of pain while i still have pins and needles
in my hand and fingers My wrist also feels like a bad sprain.. Is this




Sep 25th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Peter


I guess it’s totally normal if, as you correctly think, you’ve got a bit of a revved up nerve.


Here’s the haps – boxing, arms up, thoracic spine flexed and chin out looking forward. You get popped on the chin forcing your neck back as your arm goes forward – ouch!


You’ve got whiplash and a rugby stinger all in one.


You’re allowed to feel any symptoms in your neck, shoulder blade or down your arm, as temporarily distressed nerve tissue can give a whole myriad of sensations.


What’s important is that you all you tissue to heal normally and naturally. Today may be worse than yesterday, but tomorrow will be better. Don’t stretch your neck or arm. Don’t slouch and try to keep good posture. Lying on floor with a pillow under your head and your knees bent up is great “therapy”.


If you’re a gym dude then you can probably go at the weekend, but it’s more for controlled movement and very light through range free weights, rather than pushing heavy sets.


Give it some respectful time (definitely well on the mend within 5-7 days) and you’ll be back in the ring soon – I wouldn’t advise boxing when you’ve still got neural symptoms present.


If it lingers – do get back in touch.

The Guru

Six Physio


Peter gets straight back to the Guru:

Hi Guru,

Spot on with what you say, I did think maybe a whiplash injury the way my neck went backwards coupled with my arm outstretched. Today definitely worse than yesterday so hoping will start to ease up here on in! Will rest for a few days and maybe a bit of light weights and some cycling at the weekend so no downward  pressure on my legs/feet to avoid any “jolting” when running for example.

Will definitely stay off the boxing for a week I think!

Thanks for your advice, been extremely helpful!



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