Head & jaw pain

Mar 01st, 2019

I’m experiencing pain that seems to start at the back of the skull especially near the back of ear and jaw and sometimes goes to neck. Gets worse at end of day especially from sitting at work.


I’ve been religious about taking breaks from sitting every hour. And stretches at least 3 x a day plus painkillers and heat balm/using hairbrush for massage. After over 10 days still not resolving and it’s very frustrating. Had to leave work early it got too sore.


I tried chin tucks, side stretches and rotations but it only temporarily relieves symptoms and I don’t know what to do.

Mar 01st, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Ah – stop stretching. It doesn’t help change the cause of your symptoms, it only tries to alleviate what you feel, short term.


You need to get your stiff thoracic spine moving, sit better at work and make sure your work station is cool and then get on and with your rehab – you need to make the muscles control your head on neck, at the moment they are stiffening up to protect it…because you don’t have the control.


These are a must….


See how you get on in the next week or so.


The Guru


Rachel responds:

Thanks. Is it true that I need to strengthen my upper body with push pull exercises?


Also I am a bit imbalanced, slightly higher r hip, lower l foot and slightly higher l shoulder. Could this be contributing too? I have been doing pilates for 2 weeks but still have imbalances….


The Guru replies…

All push and pull stuff is good – but it’s the control and quality of the movement that is more important than the number or resistance of reps, especially for what you’re feeling.


Don’t worry about the other stuff – it’s all very normal and unless you want to spend a fortune and dedicate the rest of you life to becoming more balanced, I’d leave well alone.


Generally you need to smash out Pilates for at least 6-7 weeks before you see a change, and at least a few sessions a week too.


The Guru

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