Jason dislocated his shoulder a year ago

May 31st, 2017

I fell at work nearly a year ago dislocated my shoulder and specialist said nerve damage on neck as well need mri scan.

Now starting to feel pain on other side of neck and shoulder and down back not wanting them to think I’m at it but I’ve been double loading the other arm for 11 months and think it’s spreading with over use is this possible

May 31st, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jason – sounds entirely plausible.

A dislocated shoulder is basically a very overstretched and unstable shoulder joint.
The body will therefore try to keep everything around that joint super tight to help the healing process. However the body cheats – and bits that move too much will always move too much in comparison to bits that don’t move enough – we loose control of how much things should do.

You need to get away from just trying to make your symptoms – wherever you feel them, feel better.
You need to get more movement in your thoracic spine and you need to regain the control, stability and endurance around your right shoulder. When you’ve got this, then get it stronger.

Do this and you shouldn’t have to worry about your neck or left side because you’ve dealt with the cause and not just the ongoing symptoms.
The Guru

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