Justin has trouble sleeping due to pain on side of neck

Feb 08th, 2016

Hi i am having trouble with sleeping or trying to get comfortable due to have throbbing pain on the right side of my neck below the ear

I have tired taking pain relief for it but not working,


Feb 08th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Justin


Your pillow is giving you either too much support or not enough – either way change it around.


Skulls needs the right amount of comfort and support given by a pillow but if you happen to go to bed with a really tight thoracic spine, then your head is held in a compensatory position. I think this is the issue.


Before you head to bed make sure you are not spending a few hours on tablet/phone/laptop.


Try doing some shoulder rolls or chest lifts for a couple of minutes before you hit the hay.


Even better if you can this do this stretch for 10 minutes every day


….this type of thing is normally associated with poor postural sets during the day. You won’t “feel” your dodgy posture until you lie flat.


The Guru


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