Long term stress can’t be good for the body

Apr 05th, 2017

I have neck pain which is possibly related to stress, along with my very odd sleeping and eating habits,

I’m curious to know the long term effects of stress on the brain and body

Apr 05th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Nicole

Long term stress can’t be good for the body – whilst short term stress can be part of the usual make up of life anything which is prolonged and uncontrollable will have detrimental, long term effects.

We can help combat it by looking after our sleeping, eating and exercising habits – but the stressor needs to be identified and dealt with.

Get out there and start to exercise – little and controlled at first and set small, achievable goal (google has great suggestions like the coach to 5k program).

It’ll really help with your pain, and you’ve taken the first step by writing this email.

Good luck

The Guru

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