Neck and Shoulder pain

Jun 08th, 2017

Help guru.

Just got through tonsillitis and an ear infection. Now I have the flu boy am I lucky

I’m getting severe neck and shoulder pain. I’ve tried everything to get relief but nothing’s work so far.

Please help me. I’m getting depressed from being so sick lately if I could get even a little relief I’d be forever greatful

The Guru

Hi Stephanie – I deliberately left this a few days as what can be common with some infections like swollen tonsils, is accompanying neck pain.

So how is it feeling, a few days in?


Hi Guru
Thank you for the respond. A lot of the pain is gone ( thank god!) It’s just at the base of my skull now and radiates down the left side of my neck when it gets bad. Shoulders are a little tight but not much pain. The doctor said I might have mono or the flu. Either way I have to wait it out. Last night I slept with a rolled up towel under my neck and a flat pillow. Only woke up twice and managed to get back asleep pretty quickly. Neck and shoulders are a little sore today but not nearly as bad as it was. I just keep stretching it, any other advice?
Once again thank you for the respond.

Jun 08th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Stephanie

Stretching is never the long term answer – at best it’ll provide short term relief.

Stretching doesn’t allow you to change why the tissue feels tight in the first place. This is key.

Instead of thinking about tight tissue, try to think of it as stiff, protective tissue – and that’s why you don’t want to get rid of your protection.

The reason why the issue is being protective is because a bit of your neck (the middle bit. There’s often a crease where a necklace sits) becomes more mobile and you need to muscles to stiffen up to protect it. These muscles run down into your thoracic spine and shoulders.

Simple, over head controlled exercises are miles better than stretching. You may not notice any immediate important but you’ll start feeling (and getting) better within a week of doing a few times a day, daily exercises.

The Guru

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