Neck pain and TMJ

Jan 15th, 2018


I have recently been under enormous amounts of stress which have caused me to have tmj (joint displacement through clenching) and become really tight around my shoulder area.

I have pain in the base of my skull and all round tension across whole of my head, i suffer with headaches also. I am feeling dizzy and also have nausea. My vision seems to be impaired along with my hearing.

I have been to my doctor on numerous occasions who have blamed all my symptoms on anxiety, as i also get pins and needles in hands, back of head etc. I was referred to be assessed 3 weeks ago by a nurse who referred me to physio, currently awaiting appointment.

Dentist has also referred me to oral surgeon which will take 16 weeks +. I was advised to see a chiropractor who manged to click my neck and back and said shes certain my jaw is causing all the pain. I just feel weird, like sensations to my brain are impaired and as i have anxiety i am over analysing every little feeling and sensation.

I just dont no how to feel myself again or what could be wrong with me.

Jan 15th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Sioban

Poor you! What a terrible set of symptoms, but you know what, they are
much more common than you’d think with more people suffering year on
year – so you are definitely not alone and there is lots of really
simple stuff that can be done.


The biggest win, the easiest, cheapest and simplest thing to do
without any shadow of doubt is exercise. It takes a little
determination and perseverance but by going for a brisk walk (put on
some trainers and a tacky), get out of puff and get your heat racing
for 40 minutes, 5 times a week is an absolute winner. I know it sounds
too easy (and too cheap!) to make a difference but give it as little
as 2 weeks and you will start to feel a difference.


If you are already gyming it, then mix up what you do – cardio, run,
swim, Pilates. Change interval and rep times – change the script.


If you don’t do it, then you won’t feel any beneficial effects and
it’s really easy for me to say get some passive treatment (where you
lie there and someone does something to you) but it just won’t give
you any medium or long term benefits.


By all mean spend some cash on a Chiro or massage BUT exercise is key
and you know what if in 2 weeks you don’t feel you’ve achieved much
then do crack on with some passive treatment – but active before.


Stress is a menace and can be managed really well as long as you’re
prepared to meet it halfway and do your bit.


Good luck & Happy New Year

The Guru

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