Neck & Shoulder issues

Sep 26th, 2018

Hi – a brief background: a number of years ago i suffered with bursitis in the left shoulder, I had cortisone injections and since then have always had flare-ups in the shoulder and neck.


I recently went on holiday and came back monday and the flights was pretty rough landing and jolted neck and shoulder. Incredibly painful and struggling to move. i am doing some light stretches and using ice when possible. But would like to see someone for physio / massage the area – i dont know, anything to help.


Please advise if possible and costs. I am based in Gresham Street

Sep 26th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Danielle

You’re kind of half way between Moorgate and Fleet Street Clinics


It sounds as if you’ve kind of got a whiplash-not-whiplash type injury, where you’ve tweaked your neck which is referring pain into your arm. It’ll probably also explain as to why you keep having these flair ups.


It’s pretty common to feel pain away from the area that’s the issue – having a dodgy bursa does always mean it’ll be painful.


Take some anti inflams if you can and go easy on the stretching – you probably feel tight because the muscles are becoming protectively stiff…if you stretch the protective ostiffness away you may initially feel better but might make you worse later…


I think this is definitely a Physio and not massage type of thing.


These are our fees


Let me know if you need any more help, oh and try this

The Guru

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