Neck trouble

Aug 13th, 2019

Hi there,


My neck is currently off centre, positioned closer to my right shoulder (which sits higher) than my left shoulder (which as a result appears broader and sits lower). I.e generating slightly A-symmetric posture.


What I assume are tendons positioned above my right clavicle are therefore very tight when I stretch my neck left, and are far looser when I stretch the other way.


My aunt, a former physio suggested I perhaps explore sports massage and get some work done on my shoulder to try and loosen this up / generate greater alignment than what I have currently.


I was wondering if this is something I can look to address at Six Physio?




Aug 13th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Barnaby


There’s some truth in that, but it might also be very normal for you and not causing the symptoms you feel.


There are plenty of good folk out there with great symmetry and the same symptoms just as they are plenty of “wonky” people without.


But I think it’s fair to say that of you get better motion in your stiff thoracic spine, necks and shoulders and then do some simple rehab based exercises, not just stretching (as it fines solve the why problem) I think you’ll be well on the way to you managing your own symptoms.


The stronger you are, the more control you have the better you’ll become – and we absolutely specialise in this.


Hopefully see you soon.


The Guru

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