#worldsgreateststretch – how many days does one do it for?

Mar 17th, 2017

Hi Guru
6 months back had sudden back and forth moment of my head while I was in bed.
I was trying to lift my shorts with bridge position by lifting my hips. Then
suddenly my shoulder slipped and neck got hit to the bed and neck also
bounced twice. That night i had pain in base of the skull and after two days
pain started in top of head and  left shoulder.

My physio asked me to rest for 2 days and start stretching the neck. I  took
muscle relaxant tablets for couple of weeks. Pain symptoms were reducing with
stretch. Bw i started Worlds Greatest Stretch also couple of weeks back.
Since i did not have major problem with neck, I resumed my regular exercises.
Last weekend i did some push-ups and plank for couple of minutes. Now the
pain started again. I have started  another dose the muscle relaxants to
avoid muscle spasms. Its becoming very difficult to sleep in the night as
pain radiates to head, neck, ears and shoulders.

Should i continue the worlds greatest stretch? How long should i stop the
other strengthening exercises. I am a fitness freak and want to get back to
my fitness routine. But most the exercises i do are neck, shoulder and head
weight bearing ones.

What can be the strategy going forth. After how many days of Worlds Greatest
Stretch, I should start which exercise? How to strengthen my neck and when?
Please enlighten me to come out of this situation.

Suraj Tulpule


Mar 17th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Suraj


Sounds like you’re doing the right things, and some of the wrong things.


Keep on with the rolled towel stretch


But, you need to alter the way you do any type of strength work around your neck – things like push ups, planks, sit ups etc.


From what you’ve described you most like have really poor form – you may well be as strong as an ox, but if you can’t control the strength it’ll give you pain. You need to be careful that you don’t cheat and just push your chin forwards and shrug your shoulders backwards when exercising – controlling your head on neck position is key.


Dr Google is full of the right way to do good, decent and worthwhile strengthening exercises


Suraj got straight back, thanking the Guru for his advice:

Thank you so much for your expert advise.


Rolled towel stretch really does wonders!

While i continue with that, I have decided to give break for other work-outs for sometime.


Further I found some neck strengthening exercises:

Would you recommend to do them after a months of rolled towel stretch ?

Or could you please share some neck strengthening exercise chart for me please ?


Look forward to hearing from you


The Guru replied:

Exercises can be good, I just wouldn’t get you to stretch your neck or the muscles around it.


These muscles are protecting the over stretched joints in your neck – if you stretch away the stiffness, you’ve lost your protection and whilst it may feel better you’ve potentially tee’d up more problems tomorrow as you haven’t changed the cause of why you’ve got these over stretched joints in your neck – a stiff thoracic spine, hence the rolled towel stretch…


You can start exercises straight  away, but they are not designed to get you stronger. They are meant to improve the control and balance of your muscles that control your neck.


Go the rolled towel stretch, then the exercises – focus on form and control, don’t just bang them out. Little and often rules. No wore than 5 minutes at a time.


Well done.


The Guru

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