Jess is struggling with her quads and hips

May 10th, 2017

I cycle to get around London, run about 10k and go to 2-3 yoga classes per week, and I’ve noticed in the last few months that there is something odd going on with my hips and quads.

My left hip feels a lot less stable and secure in balancing poses, and I struggle to avoid collapsing into it, and in certain postures (upward facing bow and wheel) I feel a lot tighter on the right side of my body than I do my left. It feels like I have less space in the hip joint and front of my quad, like my right foot is pulled closer to me, even when I know I have both feet level.

I suffered a hamstring origin injury last year in my right leg – it was mild enough to not seek physio, but has been persistent, and I’m worried that this, or something about my day to day movements, is slowly pulling my hips out of alignment.

Is this a thing? Or am I overreacting

May 10th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jess

Don’t think so – but I think your hammy maybe a clue.

What’s your balance like left versus right and what’s the control like of a say a single knee bend left versus right?

I’m sure your lacking control and stability around your hip and pelvis…

It’s about finding the cause not just dealing with the symptom.

Let me know

The Guru

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