Quadricep tendonitis

Jan 26th, 2020



I was diagnosed with quadricep tendonitis approx. 1 year ago. Since then I have seen two phyios, had an ultrasound and saw a knee specialist (who recommended I use shockwave therapy to encourage healing). I’ve been doing regular knee strengthening exercises for over 9 months and although my knee has become stronger and the pain has decreased a little, the speed of progress is nowhere near the speed I would have liked.


The last physio who I saw 8 months ago said he expected a complete recovery within a few months, but this was not the case. I would like to know if there is anyone at sixphysio that specialises in quad tendonitis or knee pain and would be willing to assess my injury.


Many thanks,


Jan 26th, 2020

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jamie


Tendons can be totally unpredictable, however patella tendon pain can become more complicated due to others things that can mimic the tendon pain and hampers decent rehab.


You need to make sure that your infrapatella fat pad and saphenous nerve is not also contributing to your pain – and if it is, then be able to do something about it.


Matt Todman who works out of Chelsea and Fitz might be a good option.


The Guru


Jamie replies immediately:

Thank you, I’ve requested a physio appointment for Tuesday.

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