The Guru advises Phil that having pulled his hamstring, doesn’t mean training for the marathon is off!

Jan 22nd, 2015

I’m running the London Marathon this year in April. this morning as part of my training, I was running for an aimed 5k doing fartlek / interval runs on the treadmill; at 2k and at a fast pace interval the back of my left thigh ‘pulled’ which made me immediately stop and start limping.

Do you think I’ve pulled a hamstring & how do I get the quickest time / best recovery for this so I can restart training?
Kind regards,


Jan 22nd, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Phil


Sounds like it.


Not a major issue at the moment as long as you play the game and know the rules.


First up, do nothing for the next couple of days. No stretching, no massage, no strengthening. Nada….apart from use ice every few hours for 20 minutes. If you’ve got a compression sleeve then wear that too. Anti inflams (if you can take them) wouldn’t go amiss.


After a few days start some really gentle through range stretches – just into mild discomfort and try some easy double leg bridges – knees fairly flexed and highish (30) reps. Try doing so squats too – making sure you co contract your hammy (try to pull yourself down).


By the weekend hopefully you’ll be feeling on the mend so you can get off the pills and ice, stretching a bit further and doing more resistive hamstring work. If striding out when walking is not an issue a small run Sunday/Monday may be on the cards.


You if you’ve got a lump or a bruise in your hammy then all bets are off as the healing process is longer and less prescriptive.


Hope this helps.


The Guru

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