Eve asks the Guru about tension in both her ankles

Oct 15th, 2015

I’ve had pain (tension/heavy ache) in both of my ankles for the last year,
mostly caused by impact, started just as a problem running and now walking
for more than 20 minutes starts the pain.

I’ve seen a GP, a physio at my GP surgery and been seen in a musculoskeletal
clinic. After lots of possible diagnoses I’ve been told my ankle joints are hypermobile
– they do noticeably tip inwards when I relax or stand on 1 leg.

I’ve been referred for more physio & podiatry but have been waiting months for
appts. I’m keen to have some private physio but wondered how many appointments
I might need & if this is the right thing to do.

I work on Harley St so it would be convenient for me.


Oct 15th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Eve


Impossible (alas!) to tell you how many appointments would be needed without having a squizz at you or your ankles.


However, there are some really simple, safe things that you can be cracking on with.


Firstly get a pair of decent off the shelf orthotics that help hold your foot into a neutral position – or wear some decent trainers that support your foot. This will help control any excessive movement that’s causing the pain. Think of it as you’ve got a bruised joint – the move you poke and load the joint/bruise the longer the pain will last.


Secondly improve your balance – standing on 1 leg for 30 seconds at a time 5/6 times a day. Stand tall, make your foot work and control. This will again help limit the excessive motion inn you foot/ankle.


If anything (orthotic or balance) makes you worse – then stop, toot sweet.


I can say, though, the longer you leave it and do nowt, the longer you’ll feel your symptoms for..


Get balancing!


The Guru

Six Physio

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