Lorna needs to get back running after pulling her groin

Oct 03rd, 2016

I was hoping you could help? I pulled my groin last weekend; no idea how! It was fine after my long run but went to do sprints Tuesday and it hurt during the warm up. I rested since; gentle cycling and stretching but have a race Sunday in Cologne! So now panicking! I ran for the bus earlier and it still feels so tight on my inner thigh at the top. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


Oct 03rd, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Lorna


It’s probably very normal and fine to feel something when you run out for the bus.


The body hates doing nothing then suddenly then in a split second going from 0 to 100, especially with healing tissue.


You’re doing all the right things – rest (done) stretch, strength, stability and balance work (lots of standing on your dodgy leg) – but don’t over cook it.


Try a really simple recovery run tomorrow night – only a few KM, dynamic warm up before and a gentle stretch after and you’re doing it not to aid recovery but to show you that your body is recovering well.


Have fun at the weekend.


The Guru

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