Marathon training? Outside foot pain? The Guru says it could be a peroneal tendon issue

Feb 26th, 2015


I am training for the London Marathon in April. Recently, sometimes (not always) when I am out running I feel like there’s a pain (not sharp, sudden or that sore) on the outside of my right foot.

At first I thought it was my trainers digging in, but I don’t think it is and i adjusted them. I’m resting it now – but wondering what my next steps should be? Im just really hoping it isn’t a stress fracture. Are stress fractures always extremely painful, because mine is not. What do you suggest?


Feb 26th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Soohie


Outsides of feet are funny areas as there is not too much obvious things that can happen there.


Your 5th metatarsal (outside of your foot!) can develop a stress fracture, but you’re right in thinking they are painful (almost) all of the time – they just hate being loaded. This doesn’t sound like you.


What’s more probable is a peroneal tendon issue – your peronei muscles, that help evert or lift your foot out become over frazzled due to poor foot control, weakness or even compression of your trainer.


You need to know why – and yours maybe a simple “too much” issue or it will return. Normal options are temporary orthotics, foam rolling your peronei, balance work and gluteal control. It can be successfully injected too.


Good luck


The Guru

Six Physio

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