Runner Ruth has relentless glute pain

Sep 06th, 2017

Hi Guru,

I’m a runner who has been suffering from glute pain my left side for almost 6
months now : (.  I can no longer straighten my left leg when in downward dog
or on a leg press without pain and a weird shaking…sitting down for long
periods of time is the worst my range of motion when rolling down (in
pilates) is very limited.

It seems to feel better with movement, I’m still running but it is tight and not
as fluid as it used to be.

Please help!

Sep 06th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Ruth

OK – we need to establish if this is an issue with the glut itself, things like a gluteal tendinopathy where the tendon of the muscle that attached to the bone becomes over frazzled and overused and painful, or the glut is stiffening up and protecting tissues that sit underneath (your sciatic nerve) or trying to protect a joint like your back or hip.

You’ve got a little bit of everything and so instead of trying to nail what the structure is causing the pain, you need to find out why.

What’s your single knee squat left versus right? Is your left side more wobbly or is it painful? What’s it like if you lie on your right side and lift your left leg straight up to the side? Can you do as many on the left as right?

I think I’ve got more questions than answers! I’m sure one thing you don’t want to do is stretch.

Maybe go see someone who can help decipher your symptoms and give you a really decent rehab program to get on with?

The Guru

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