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Jan 11th, 2014

Victoria asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Dear Guru,

I am a runner, who is so enthusiastic that continued running even after being diagnosed with a huge exostosis on my lower third of the fibula. The thing was removed 3 years ago, and every year I do an x-ray check, and this spring everything seemed clear.

However, recently after running 5k in my old shoes (my regular ones were in cleaning) the leg started to ache somewhere in the area of the operation plus at the achilles. It doesn’t hurt all the time, just occasionally, but mostly when I’m going down the steps or in the mornings. Two weeks ago the pain was pretty unbearable, so I stopped training, which disappoints me greately. Now it’s better, but I’m not sure – can I start training again? What can I do to prevent this happening again?

Thank you a lot in advance,

Jan 11th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Victoria

It sounds as if you’re in great need of someone actually having a look at your running style – and making sure your foot posture suits your current trainers.

I’m not sure trying to prescribe something considering the cause is unknown is the right step. But this should be pretty easy to sort. It certainly sounds as if you’ve got a massive overload issue, in a pretty common area for stress fractures and the like…get a running assessment rather than a coaching session.

Overstriding, forefoot running, poor glut control, pelvic instability and ankle joint inflexibility all need to be assessed.

Good Luck!

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