The Guru believes Helen has run far too much far too soon… start slowly

Sep 09th, 2014

I have taken up running again after a 6 year break and am suffering with cramp like aches in my shins in the first mile or so then it eases.

Stretching helps temporarily but it only clears after 2 miles. I am running 5k this year and want to get back to 10k by end of next year. I’m 58 by the way!

Any suggestions?



Sep 09th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Helen


Yes! Stop running….for the time being.


It sounds as if you’ve set off and done far too much far too soon – in circumstances such as this it’s better to go back to go forwards.


Let you’re pain settle. On direct pressure it should be no more than a 1/10. Make sure you’ve got decent shoes with support and bounce. Calf muscle flexibility is all the rage, but I think it’s more about how you run, so run well and run with a little noise as possible.


Start off by walking and running for about 10 minutes in total Have a few days rest then repeat. Then do it again and again. Then double your running time to 20 minutes in total. Repeat x3 then get running for a full 5 minutes.


Softly softly catchy monkey.


After that it’s all yours!

The Guru

Six Physio


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