Aug 4th

In Oct 2014, I suddenly developed pain in my dominant shoulder. Eight months on, I can now lift my arm, but have reduced movement, and if I put my arm behind my back I get intense pain

Jun 23rd

I recently bought some dumbbells with the aim to develop overall body strength. I began a weights routine, but after about a month, I have developed some pain in my left shoulder.

Jun 10th

2 years ago I was diagnosed with costochondrititus after experiencing acute chest pains.

Apr 27th

I was involved in a car accident several months ago and have been dealing with a lot of neck / upper body stiffness and pain. My right shoulder is always tight and still unable to lift above my head.

Apr 24th

After a jerky hyperextension of my shoulder during exercise I now have chronic pain in my shoulder.

Mar 23rd

For the last two weeks I have had acute shoulder pain when putting my coat on, it radiates all the way down my arm enough to make me yelp.

Mar 6th

I'm a keen rower. Over the past three months I've had ongoing shoulder pain starting from under my right shoulder blade, but spreading round my shoulder.

Nov 10th

I've had really bad shoulders (and arms) for a while now. They crack so much and whenever I move them upwards (or in any way really) I get so much tension

Sep 24th

I was boxing last night and took a hard blow to the face while at the same time swinging my arm. As contact was made to my face i felt my neck tighten

Aug 29th

When I had a massage, the therapist told me my right shoulder was particularly stiff and that I would benefit from a deep tissue massage