Nov 10th

I've had really bad shoulders (and arms) for a while now. They crack so much and whenever I move them upwards (or in any way really) I get so much tension

Sep 24th

I was boxing last night and took a hard blow to the face while at the same time swinging my arm. As contact was made to my face i felt my neck tighten

Aug 29th

When I had a massage, the therapist told me my right shoulder was particularly stiff and that I would benefit from a deep tissue massage

Aug 12th

I jolted my shoulder in a car accident over 2 years ago but now I am suffering with consistent pain on top of the shoulder - so the joint between collar bone and shoulder - and the back

Aug 2nd

I've had a shoulder issue for a couple of years now where I lift it out to the side it feels shaky and unstable

Jun 3rd

I've been struggling with my left shoulder for a few years now where it literally clunks around in its socket when I move it around.

May 7th

I have had some pain on my left shoulder right in the front now. I am capable to raise my arm back and forward,but when i cross my left hand around my back,the is a sharp pain

Apr 17th

For 2 years now I've suffered pain in my left shoulder following an injury during a lat pulldown exercise at the gym

Mar 31st

For nearly a year I've been suffering from a combination of a stiff left side trapezius and left solder pain that also radiates down my left arm

Mar 25th

I am able to 'pop' my shoulder around the joint (it is not painful) and also both my shoulders crack quite loudly when pressure is put on them.