Rotator cuff injury

Dec 04th, 2018

Hello sir , my name is anshul,

I have a rotator cuff pain for six months. it occurs when i was doing heavy bench press , i also did x ray, MRI.. everything is normal , i also did physiotherapy for 2 months. no impact did on my shoulder.

I dont know how much time it takes to recover, i am very worried about that.. please help me .. give me some advice to recover as much as possible

Dec 04th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Anshul


Tricky! How long is a piece of string?


If all the scans are normal than the cuff isn’t the problem, but what you do to it might be – and so if you don’t change the function with your rehab (rather than just blasting your strength) you won’t achieve much.


There may also be an issue with your diagnosis – you may have an problem with your neck that refers pain into your cuff. You don’t need to have any neck pain as may well have cuff symptoms but it’s what you’re doing to your neck is the issue.


As a rule of thumb if you’re no better (but not fixed) after a decent 6-8 weeks of good rehab it time to jump ship and get a second opinion.


Don’t forget to have a look here at these simple shoulder exercises you can do at home


The Guru

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