The Guru suggests Physio for Julia who is suffering from a shoulder impingement and needs to regain stability

Apr 27th, 2015

after a jerky hyperextension of my shoulder during exercise I now have
chronic pain in my shoulder.

The pain only occurs when I use the shoulder, and only when I lift my arm up
higher than 90 degrees, but mainly when I rotate it backwards or forwards.
There appears to be no pain to touch.

What could I have injured? Could I benefit from physiotherapy?
Thank you.


Apr 27th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Julia


It sounds like you’ve got an impingement – this is where bits of soft tissue in your shoulder are swished between your shoulder and shoulder blade – it’s the bit over 90 degrees that gives it away! It’s pretty painful and sometimes doesn’t improve very quickly became you need to retrain the supporting muscles.


Physio would be great. You need to regain stability and control of your rotator cuff muscles that will help to decrease and eliminate the impingement.

The Guru

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