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Trapezius muscle

Feb 28th, 2019

Hi there,


I ripped my trapezius muscle a couple of years ago. Since then when I do exercise which includes anything from lifting weights above my head, it seems to niggle at it.


This morning it was quite painful so I gave it rest for the rest of the class. Ideally i’d like to get rid of the discomfort, what massage is best for me?


thank you

The Guru Responded:

Hi Kasia


I’d eat my hat if you’ve ripped or torn your traps….it may well feel like it and you may have been told so, but it’s incredibly rare.


I think you’re just feeling a simple pinched nerve in your neck that is referring pain into your traps.The clue is doing anything above your head – you’ve got a stiff thoracic spine and poke your chin out when you lift.


So by all means get a massage but until you redress the imbalance around your neck, you’ll continue to have issues.


I’d certainly suggest you start here with these 2 exercises:


The Guru

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