Vanessa has restricted shoulder movement

Jan 26th, 2017

Good afternoon,

Can you help please. Nearly two weeks ago now I started to get a dull painful ache in my left shoulder, neck and upper arm. It is still painful and the movement is my shoulder is severely restricted, From standing I am only able to raise an outstretch arm approx 30% of my full range if 100% is above my head.

I am taking Nurofen to reduce the pain and to help me sleep as no position is comfortable .

I don’t actually recall “doing anything” to bring this on. It is my non dominate arm. I do a reasonable amount of exercise  including squash. I work in an office so am on a computer the majority of the day.

Can you advise what I ought to do in order to regain full movement and for the pain to go away.

Thank you


Jan 26th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Vanessa


You’ve either got one of these or one of those….


Here are a few rules of the game.


If it’s your non dominant arm and you’re female and you’re about 50 then this might be the start of a frozen shoulder – but I’ll admit that this is a big call without having a peep of your arm, but your description has some similarities.


If it’s not that then you may have an impingement with your shoulder, which may be related to your neck – and this is pretty simple to deal with.


So I think you need to get in front of someone who can help give you a diagnosis, and then work out what you need to do.


Good luck


The Guru

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