Posture in pregnancy

Feb 24th, 2019

Hi there, hope you’re well.


I have chronic neck/shoulder stiffness/pain likely linked to poor posture and having played the violin for many years. I’ve seen numerous services about this, including NHS physiotherapy, an osteopath, chiropractor and acupuncture with varying results.


I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and my symptoms have been noticeably worse since becoming pregnant but I’m unable to use ibuprofen to control the pain. Yoga and stretching gives some relief. I’m keen to relieve the pain and strengthen the right muscles whilst activity is possible and wondered if you have any pregnancy specific Pilates or other services?


Look forward to hearing from you. I’m in the SE London area.


Best wishes


Feb 24th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Verity – yes we have.


You need to be given a really decent rehab program to encourage strength and stability around your neck and shoulder rather than stretching.


It’ll help you now and help you through your pregnancy and beyond.


Where about in The City (train line?) is best for you and I’ll make sure you see the right person.


The Guru


“Blackfriars works best for me”


Hi Verity


I think you should go and see Georgie who works at Monument – she’s a great rehab physio who can get you started with a decent program to settle you symptoms and a fab WH specialist to give you advise going forwards into your pregnancy with appropriate exercises to help to self manage.


I’ve CC’d her in and I’m sure she can help answer any more Q’s.


The Guru

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