Prenatal Care

Apr 23rd, 2019

Hi there,


I am expecting my first baby in September and I am interested in booking an appointment with a womens health physiotherapist as my Mother suffered a prolapse after she had me, and I am very concerned about the same happening with my pregnancy.


I am active and regularly practice pilates- currently with Ten Health as it’s near my work, and am now on an adapted prenatal programme, but I would still like to check that I am fully isolating my pelvic floor muscles as it’s sometimes difficult to tell.


Is this something one of your women’s health physiotherapists would be able to help with?


I would want to come to the Parsons Green studio as my husband and I are moving to the area soon and spend a lot of time there.


Very best


Apr 23rd, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Samantha


This is Fran who looks after lots of WH patients down in Parsons Green, she’d be much more of a treasure trove of information that I could ever be!


Fran – please say Hi to Samantha


The Guru

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