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“Being diagnosed with breast cancer and the subsequent operation and treatment was a horrible and upsetting time for me. Being young and fit I was worried about my return to strength and visiting Megan helped me believe that I would be able to recover from the trauma. She was essential in getting me back to the gym and to yoga with confidence and she was a beacon of calm and positivity during the whole ordeal.”
Jill – Mar 2020


“In spite of my lack of ability on the floor Megan has been an inspirational tower of strength for me I always look forward to seeing her.”
Anon – Mar 2020


“For me, surgery came at the end of my treatment for breast cancer. I was warn out but aching to get on with recovery and back into LIFE. Megan was an excellent guide through this time helping me navigate the ups and downs and getting my body back to a place I recognised and could begin to trust again. So grateful!”
Anonymous – Mar 2020


“Megan is an excellent physio oncologist who listens to your concerns and tailors your program accordingly. I also commend the practice on working holistically with the other physios to come up with the best possible care. I must also highlight their prompt responses, no fuss insurance authorisations and personable staff at the practice. ”
Helen – Mar 2020


“I can’t stress enough how important it has been to me to be able to have a physio with oncology training to take me through my rehabilitation.

I’ve worked out all my life and am very aware of my body – what works and what doesn’t. But when you are trying to strengthen your body whilst being treated for cancer all the old ‘knowns’ are thrown away.

Megan’s knowledge and experience has given me the confidence to know she will guide me appropriately and safely including telling me to go home when my bloods are low!!! She is part of my team and I would not be comfortable having physio without someone who has her expertise and care.
P.O. – Jul 2019


“Facing the end of my chemotherapy, with just the small matter of a mastectomy with reconstruction from my tummy to get through, my thoughts turned to how best to aid my recovery.  My Oncologist had said that if you had money to invest in any part of your treatment then spend it on Physiotherapy, Megan Oster of Six Physio had been recommended so I thought there was nothing to lose by meeting her.

“Our initial comprehensive hour long consultation started with Megan asking where I hoped to end up. We are well on our way to achieving, if not surpassing, my targets of improved balance, which really seemed to suffer during chemo, improved mobility and generally getting back to how I was before this journey started.  We were also able to address issues that have cropped up along the way including chronic cramping in my leg and threading and tightness in my scar. Megan has been a wonderful source of knowledge, reassurance and encouragement. I honestly feel I would not have made such a quick and comprehensive recovery if it were not for my sessions with Megan.  I highly recommend her.”
L.B. – Oct 2018


“I shall never forget how you achieved the greatest medical miracle I have ever seen, by spurring my husband on to walk again. Your professionalism, determination, encouragement, care, patience and sense of fun was remarkable, and the key to his recovery, and you will always have such a big place in my heart for what you did.”
H.FW. – Feb 2018


“When I had my bilateral mastectomy my radiated breast was obviously causing me more pain than the other, but I wasn’t sure where, why or what I could do. Megan could pin point the exact muscles and areas that were causing my pain and treated them quickly. My daily pains have disappeared, and the exercises she has given me have enabled me to get on with my life as if the surgery and radiotherapy hadn’t happened, and she has even helped my posture and strength from previous surgeries that I thought would never improve. Thanks to Megan I feel more normal now than I have since my treatment began, and her expertise meant that this happened within weeks, not months or years of physiotherapy.
Firuze French (Marsden patient) – Jan 2018


“Thank you so much Megan for your incredible help over the last year. I shall always be grateful to you not only for literally helping mend my body and letting me have my arm back, but also for your patience, encouragement, belief, jolly humour and your kind genuine friendship on this lonely journey.”

“Your excellent physiotherapy has been invaluable to my recovery and I can’t thank you enough!”
Testimony from Marsden patient – Dec 2017


” I wanted to let you know how much I value Sarah’s care. It is not only that she is an exceptional physiotherapist but also warm and caring. She has contributed greatly to my post-surgery healing and for that I am grateful. ”
S. Jayyusi – Nov 2017


“Louise Malone understands her field of expertise thoroughly and I feel very comfortable and safe being treated by her.”
Monica Hagen – May 2017


“The recommendation that I see Louise Malone was a turning point in my recovery following surgery for breast cancer. When I first met Louise I was two weeks post surgery following a lumpectomy and struggling with  post surgery issues including seroma and uncomfortable scar tissue. Frankly I had no idea that specialist oncology physiotherapists existed, let alone imagine how much having expert treatment would help me. Louise has dealt with cording, released the tightness around my scar tissue (which doesn’t just help how I feel but the appearance of the breast), and ensured that I  have regained full and comfortable range of movement in my arm and shoulder area. As a result of Louise’s work and support, I not only feel more physically comfortable,  more importantly, I feel confident that I will return to my former strength and flexibility.

It’s six weeks since I started working with Louise. I have seen her throughout my radiotherapy treatment ( I used to joke that she was my treat to look forward to when I had RT); Louise has helped to reduce the side effects associated with radiotherapy and now I feel so much stronger that I am about to make a return to the gym. I look forward to continuing to work with Louise as it’s clear to me that her compassion, enormous expertise and support will be invaluable as I return to work and all my other activities.”
Liz Blain – July 2016


“I first saw Louise in September 2015.  I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks prior, and had undergone surgery two weeks before.  I continued to see Louise throughout the course of radiotherapy and afterwards.  At every stage and on many levels I have found Louise’s care to be profoundly helpful and healing, and would highly recommend her services to anyone facing a similarly difficult situation.

I was initially referred to Louise because of cording after surgery, as I was not able to lift my arm more than about 90 degrees.  This was painful, frightening, and limited my daily activities.  The scarring from the biopsy and surgery hurt both physically and emotionally, and Louise’s gentle approach helped me deal with it on both levels.  The fascial release massages and soft stretches were just what I needed.  I could feel the release of the tightness from the very first session.  With her help, I was able to get ready for a few weeks of radiotherapy treatment, for which I needed to be able to lift my arm fully.

From an emotional perspective, I was better able to face the recent trauma with the support of her treatment.  This was an aspect I had not expected from physiotherapy, but in retrospect, it is not so surprising: the physical and emotional trauma are so closely linked.

Her careful pace in treatment matched the slow healing underway.  As time went on, she introduced new stretches so that I could maintain and improve my mobility.  Then she taught me moves to improve my energy levels.  At every point, I felt fully supported by her.  During a truly horrible time in my life, I relied on her expertise and guidance to be able to deal with pain and to take care of myself in getting better.

It is not only her expertise as a physiotherapist specialized in oncology care that I so appreciate, but just as much her nature as a human being: kind, optimistic, warm, empathetic. This is exactly the kind of care that I would recommend for someone going through such a traumatic experience.”
Veronica Coulter – February 2016


“Louise, the oncology physiotherapist, is brilliant. Not only being very professional, but extremely caring and supportive as well. I started with Louise in a different place. From the first session I had amazing results: I started having uch better arm movements, restricted by my two breast surgeries. So when Louise changed the place of work I decided to follow her. Since then session after session I see improvements of my condition. Simultaneously Louise is trying to sort out my damaged vein problem, due to chemotherapy again with amazing results. She is outstanding.”
Anna Koshelevam – January 2016


“After my breast cancer surgery. I had pain in my arm, neck and back. Louise helped alot to remove the pain and made me feel much better.”
Miss Reham Ahmad Naser Al- Huraiti – December 2015

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