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When your hand is injured the chances are you are limited in everything you want to do

Hands are special, we take them totally for granted as power tools, communication aids, work or hobby equipment and expect them to be there whenever we need them.

Our Hand Clinic is lead by Jennifer Parr, with specialist Physios across our London locations:


Our specialists can help with problems which arise through trauma to the hand such as fractures, ligament injuries, tendon or nerve injuries. These injuries would be managed alongside a hand surgeon (whom we know many and can assist with arranging this too if required), and can be treated conservatively or operatively depending on the severity.

We have the facilities to make custom-made splints that are fitted to your hand to optimise your comfort while you heal. This means that only the injured part of your hand is protected, and allows a bit of movement of the rest of your hand should this be allowed.
(Please note there is an additional cost for Splinting, they are not included in the price of your Physiotherapy appointment.)

General aches and pains

The treatment and management of general aches and pains of the hand and wrist is another area we specialise in:

  • this could be overuse (“repetitive strain”), posture related – particularly at your workstation – or hypermobility to name a few.
  • feeling pins and needles and tingling into your fingers may be a nerve injury or irritation. These can be helped by physiotherapy for carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel and have a better effect if you start treatment early!
  • osteoarthritis in your hand joints is a common complaint, where splinting, specific exercises and activity modification advice can help prevent these symptoms getting worse.

How Physio can help

Having a thorough hand and wrist assessment with a specialist hand physiotherapist will enable them to create a tailored treatment plan for you: the aim to restore your function and minimise pain as quickly as possible, enabling you to get back to what you like to do!

At Six Physio we have a full gym set up so we can progress your rehabilitation to high levels if this is what you want to be able to do.


If you have surgery to your hand from trauma or from a chronic condition which you have chosen to have a surgical intervention for, we are able to manage all of the post operative care including wound management, suture removal and scar care at the same time as the therapeutic intervention.

If you’ve been referred by a Consultant surgeon, our existing relationships ensure your treatment plan follows their protocol, we will talk to them directly so we know what has been repaired or replaced.

If you would like to speak to any of the team directly then please call 020 7036 0286 or email and they will get back to you by return.

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The Hand & Wrist clinic offers the following services:

What is hand physiotherapy?

A specialisation in musculoskeletal physiotherapy that focuses on the rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb. This routinely  involves assessment and clinical diagnosis of hand and wrist pain and can involve exercise prescription, splinting, ergonomic advice, preventative care,  advice to aid activities of daily living and also post surgical wound care and scar management.

What conditions can be treated with hand physiotherapy?

In Hand Therapy we see a large variety of conditions. We often see patients after  a hand or wrist operation or after trauma such as a broken bone in the hand or wrist. We also see and help diagnose non-traumatic pain including  various types of mechanical wrist pain or overuse pain such as Dequervains Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or work related repetitive strain.  

What is a hand clinic?

Hand clinics have specialised facilities to allow custom made thermoplastic splinting, wound care and scar management dressings, and hand specific rehabilitation aids.

What is the difference between a general physiotherapist and a hand physiotherapist?

Hand physiotherapists specialise after they’ve already qualified as a physiotherapist. We complete specific training and upskill. . This may involve courses and accumulative clinical experience with mentoring.

What are some common hand injuries that require specialist treatment?

Skiers thumb, boxers fractures, wrist fractures, wrist sprains, finger hyperextension injuries, musicians overuse injuries, work related overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or ganglions. 

Can hand physiotherapy help with arthritis pain in the hands?

Yes, there are lots of specific exercises we can prescribe to help strengthen your hand muscles. We can also use splinting to help pain management, and can educate you on adjustments you can make to reduce the pain. 

How can hand physiotherapy help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

We can assess your upper limb to make sure the diagnosis is correct, and if so provide you with education to reduce your symptoms, along with splinting and exercises. 

Can hand physiotherapy help with tennis elbow?

Yes we can provide exercises, activity modification and manual soft tissue release to help. This could also be done alongside shockwave therapy if it’s appropriate.

How can hand physiotherapy help with repetitive strain injury?

We will first assess your wrist and hand, and discuss your activities, to work out what is likely causing the pain. We can then look at exercises and lifestyle or workplace adaptations. We may also look at getting you globally stronger with our rehab Physio’s to offload the affected joint.

What should I expect during a hand physiotherapy session?

This will depend if you are attending for your pain to be assessed and diagnosed, or if you are attending with a trauma or surgical aftercare following a consultant appointment. 

For an assessment of pain we would have a thorough history about your condition, and physically assess your hand and wrist including palpation, special testing and strength testing. We will then start treatment based on our findings.

If you are coming in post trauma or surgery, we will find out more about the dates of incident or surgery, then remove any temporary casting, complete wound care if required and fabricate a custom made thermoplastic splint if this is indicated. We will then teach you how to manage swelling and create an individual exercise programme to  exercise the hand safely. 

What kind of exercises are typically prescribed during hand physiotherapy?

Depending on what we are treating you for we may prescribe movement, stretches, strengthening of your fingers and thumb using putty or elastic bands, or we might use weights or theraband for your wrist and upper limb.

How long does a typical hand physiotherapy session last?

We will always have a 1 hour session initially, then follow up can be 30 mins or 1 hour depending on how much time we need. 

How often should I attend hand physiotherapy sessions?

If you are attending for trauma or post surgery we will likely see you 1-2 times per week for the first few weeks. Other conditions we would decide together based on your presentation and needs – It could be weekly or fortnightly. 

How long does it typically take to see results from hand physiotherapy?

This would depend on the condition. We can sometimes make changes in movement and stiffness within the session, however pain based on something repetitive may take longer as you adjust to physical changes you are making and gradually increase loaded exercises. 

What can I do at home to supplement my hand physiotherapy treatment?

You will be expected to do a home exercise programme which we would provide during the session. 

How can I find a qualified hand physiotherapist?

Hand therapists who are a member of the British Association of Hand Therapists can be found through their website. However it is not essential to be a member of this to treat the hand and wrist, so it may just be through an online search, or though word of mouth. 

How much does hand physiotherapy typically cost?

The session costs in the range of £155-£180 for an initial assessment, and £107-£120 for follow up based on experience of the clinician. Anything provided in the session is not part of the cost of the appointment such as splints and putty. 

Will my insurance cover the cost of hand physiotherapy?

Most major insurance companies cover the cost of the appointment with the exception of Vitality and IRPS who will contribute to your session costs but will not cover the full cost. Anything extra provided in the session will be charged as extra as insurance companies do not cover these costs, such as splints and putty. 

How can I prevent hand injuries from occurring in the first place?

Doing strengthening exercises for your hand and wrist regularly to keep it strong and stable will be useful. Also being aware of what position your wrist is in during day to day activities to make sure you are not putting unequal strain on one area of your wrist. At work, taking regular breaks and having a good workstation set up should reduce your risk of developing pain. 

What should I do if I suspect I have a hand injury that requires specialist treatment?

If you are worried you have broken something through trauma or impact, seeing a Hand consultant would be recommended as a first step. If you are unsure, we can assess, and refer you to a specialist doctor if it is appropriate.

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