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Hand & Wrist Clinic

When your hand is injured the chances are you are limited in everything you want to do

Hands are special, we take them totally for granted as power tools, communication aids, work or hobby equipment and expect them to be there whenever we need them.

We can help with problems which arise through trauma to the hand. We also deal with osteoarthritis, “repetitive strain”, nerve injuries, joint replacements and any aches or pains of the wrist and hand – physiotherapy for carpel tunnel is a condition we treat often.

Treatment plans are tailored to you, our specialist team of 4 physiotherapists Rachel, Jennifer, Danni & Davide will aim to restore function and minimise your pain as quickly as possible, enabling you to get back to what it is you like to do!

If you would like to speak to any of the team directly then please call 020 7036 0286 or email and they will get back to you by return.


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The Hand & Wrist clinic offers the following services:

Splinting – hand physiotherapy includes fitting and supplying custom splints in clinic or where appropriate we can provide ready made splints.
Work related hand pain – we can include ergonomic assessment of your workplace.
Pain management – a painful hand or wrist will not do, we will reduce the pain and restore your hand’s function.
Movement analysis for musicians – to identify the cause of your symptoms

If you’ve been referred by a Consultant surgeon, our existing relationships ensure your treatment plan follows their protocol, we will talk to them directly so we know what has been repaired or replaced.



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