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Hand clinic for musicians

Maybe you are struggling to perform to the best of your ability

As a musician you need to respect your body like any other athlete.

It is essential to look after your future – your hands, wrists & arms – so at Six Physio we have 4 physiotherapists who are able to help.

    • movement analysis of you playing your instrument to identify the cause of your symptoms
    • customised splinting to help you play your instrument
    • ‘practice techniques’ and ‘return to practice’ programs
    • graded, functional, instrument-specific exercises to get you back on track
    • close liaison with your teachers and coaches where appropriate

We pride ourselves on looking for long term solutions rather than ‘quick fixes’ to get you through that rehearsal or gig.

With our excellent consultant links, who understand the demands of being a musician, we will ensure your treatment plan is seamless.

Do not hesitate to book your Initial assessment: email, call us now on 020 7141 7474 or use the button below to book online.

Six is on hand to get you back in the band!

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