A therapeutic adaptation of MRI, to treat osteoarthritis and soft tissue damage.

Better function, less pain, more enjoyment.

MBST® London is managed by renowned Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and ex-England International rugby player, Mr Jonathan Webb. We are working alongside his team and MBST Medical to ensure this non-invasive, zero side-effect treatment intervention from Germany is accessible to all.

What is it and how does it work?

When tissue breaks down through age, trauma, overuse etc it is unable to replace more cells than it’s currently losing. The tissue starts to degenerate and the joint becomes painful.

Lots of the things we do day to day as Physios is restoring joint function by putting energy back into the tissues to maintain the tissue homeostasis and aid regeneration. This energy kickstarts the tissue healing cycle and is really important, especially for damaged tissue and is a true balance between regeneration and repair.

The science: Think of MBST as a therapeutic MRI scan, providing optimal healing conditions to allow tissue regeneration and repair. MRI works by lining up tiny particles in the body called protons. They’re just like tiny compasses and when exposed to magnets (the M in MRI) they line up. If you give short bursts of radio waves the protons lose their alignment. When the radio wave is switched off the protons realign and resonate (the R in MRI) giving a radio signal. Add these million of signals together you now get an image (the I in MRI).

MBST takes the M (the magnetic field causes the protons to line up) and the R (the protons wobble or resonate) but puts energy back into the tissue, rather than an image.

Is it for me?

It is for pretty much everyone, depending on what you want out of it. If there are things you want to do or used to be able to, this could be the answer.

Physio, exercises, pills are all great. You’ve even been offered an injection or an operation – but there are risks and you’d rather not go down the invasive route.

MBST helps fill this GAP, filling the space between non invasive treatments and invasive interventions.

Zero risk, totally pain free and non-invasive.

So what’s next?

Book either a phone consultation or an appointment to have all your questions answered.

  • Looking for more information, book a Free 15min Consultation Call with Caitlin Miles: she knows all there is to know, from the medical jargon to the benefits for your ongoing area of injury.
  • Book an hour’s initial Consultation with one of our Physios, who will set expectations and ensure you’re on the right treatment pathway to achieve your goals.

Typically a course of MBST® is 9 x 1 hour appointments within the space of 2 weeks. Research suggests the more condensed these sessions the better the outcome.

What happens afterwards?

You’ll need to take things easy for the first month to six weeks after treatment to allow the cells to begin metabolising normally. Exercising too strenuously during this time can diminish the results. However everybody is different so your Consultant Physio will recommend bespoke exercise that is suitable for your diagnosis and your lifestyle.

Some of our patients start to feel better pretty much immediately, but we like to err on the side of research and anecdotal evidence and say give it 3-4 months before the real change starts to take place.

Where MBST is successful we suggest coming back for tops up, with fewer sessions needed – normally 5 or 7.

What can MBST® treat?

We need to move away from the notion of wear and tear, but start working towards wear & repair.

If you would like more details then please call our MBST team on 020 3282 7553 or e-mail.

Review for MBST®

Following my MBST treatment on my shoulders my shoulder pain has gone. Also, my flexibility has improved significantly. Thank you to you all the team at MBST. J.W 16.02.23

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MBST® Therapy FAQs

What happens during your MBST® therapy and how many sessions will I need?

If you are referred by a Medical Practitioner then you can book your Initial assessment plus MBST sessions straight away.
If you are self-referring then you’ll need to book an Initial assessment with a Physio, who will determine if this is the right course of treatment for you. We will then get you booked in as soon as possible for your MBST sessions.

  • During your initial appointment you’ll meet with a Physiotherapist who will take your medical history, carry out a full assessment and discuss your goals.
  • Your 1 hour MBST session will be on the active device in a private consultation room – you can snooze, use your phone, read, even do some work.
  • After your last session on the machine you will have a 30min follow-up appointment to discuss any ongoing objectives.

If this is your first course of treatment you will normally have 9 sessions, follow-ups will be 5 or 7 sessions.

Can anyone have MBST®?

There are certain people who cannot have MBST, these include (but are not limited to):

  • if you have a pacemaker
  • if you have a tumour
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you have Leukaemia
  • if you have certain immunosuppressed diseases

Are there any risks with MBST®?

No. It’s non-invasive, pain free and zero risk.
There have been no reported side effects of MBST therapy since it was first used internationally in 1998.

Will Insurance pay for my MBST® Treatment?

Insurance companies will not cover this treatment.

What is the cost of MBST®?

9 sessions including an Initial plus 2 follow-up Physiotherapy sessions is £1995
7 sessions including an Initial plus 2 follow-up Physiotherapy sessions is £1695

If you self-referred and have already paid for your Initial Physio Assessment, the cost of this Initial will be deducted from the total cost.

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