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Effective in alleviating some of the distressing symptoms which debilitate cancer patients

With the estimation that 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime each of us will likely experience or know someone who is or has been affected by cancer.

Cancer and its treatment can take its toll on ones health, function and well-being causing a range of physical symptoms, which can include cancer related fatigue (CRF), arthralgia & breathlessness to name but a few.

These long-lasting symptoms may arise during treatment or even years later: 78% of people experience at least one of these symptoms in the 12 months following. It has been proven that physical activity improves quality of life for cancer patients, regardless of the type or stage of their disease or timing in their treatment pathway.

At Six Physio we want to improve the quality of life of people who are living with or beyond cancer: enabling a return to pre-diagnosis level of function, whether this is returning to ones’ daily tasks or competitive sport.

Megan Oster leads this sensitive, caring service.

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A specialist oncology physio is a cancer physiotherapist who has the necessary skill set and knowledge to help with these physical side effects of cancer or its treatment.

Oncology physiotherapy is effective in alleviating some of the distressing symptoms such as fatigue, which debilitates 70%-100% of all cancer patients. Physiotherapy throughout the Breast Cancer pathway is also extremely effective in resolving Axillary Web Syndrome (also known as cording) and reducing post-surgical scar tissue or soft tissue tightness as a result of radiotherapy.

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