Physical side effects of cancer

Cancer and its physical side effects are different for each individual.

The side effects experienced by someone depends on the area of the body affected by the cancer. As a result, cancer can be very complex and one person may suffer many physical side effects. Some of the side effects of cancer that specialist oncology physiotherapy can help with include:

  • If the cancer is in the brain, nerves or spinal cord physiotherapy can help with balance, coordination and mobility.
  • If a tumour is pressing on important structures such as the urethra, or you have had surgery related to your prostate or bladder, then physiotherapy can help with continence issues and sexual function.
  • If a tumour is invading vital organs such as the lungs or heart physiotherapy can help with shortness of breath, pacing and improving general exercise tolerance. 
  • Tumours of the bone or skin can cause joint or muscle pain, physiotherapy can help maintain joint range of movement.  
  • Cancer can leave one feeling fatigued and weak and unable to perform everyday activities or do regular exercise. Physiotherapy can help with this and enable people to regain some control over their day. 

The specialist oncology team are based out of our Chelsea clinic: Megan & Gemma lead this sensitive, caring service.
If you would like to speak to any of them in confidence then please send an email with your contact details and one of them will get straight back to you. 

For continence or sexual function issues we do have specialist pelvic floor physiotherapists.

We want to improve your quality of life.