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Machine-based Pilates classes, tailored to you

Our intimate, friendly classes have been a firm favourite from day one, back when we were the first private clinic in the capital to run Pilates studio in the 90’s.

Are you looking for machine-based Pilates classes?.

Our Pilates classes are perfectly formed at a ratio of 3:1, with an essential initial 1:1 assessment for those who aren’t being referred directly from rehab. During your initial assessment, your physio will watch you move and create an individual machine-based Pilates programme that suits your needs, not the person next to you.

Who are Pilates Classes for?

It’s the tailored nature of our London Pilates Classes that make them suitable for all skill levels and any specific needs. Whether you’re looking to maintain your posture during pregnancy or want to try Pilates as a supplement to your weight lifting routine, we will look after you and your individual requirements. Six Pilates classes are beneficial for all ages and abilities – from beginners to experts. There are multiple benefits to Pilates that translate differently from person to person. From improving endurance and balance to aiding joint mobility and helping to relieve stress, Pilates is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy!

All our Pilates classes are both mat and machine-based: your workout will be specifically tailored by your physio and we guarantee you’ll never be left lying on your back wiggling your arms and legs around!

If you’ve suffered an injury then these classes are ideal for seamlessly incorporating your rehab into your exercise programme.  Our Pilates reformer classes are the perfect platform to look after your body maintenance whether or not you are carrying an injury.

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Pilates classes tailored to you

At Six Physio, we use real-time ultrasound to assess and retrain your deep core muscles when appropriate and work out your specific body and conditioning needs. With our small classes, your physio is able to tailor a programme to you so that you can be in a class with others who are training in an entirely different way.

Each individual is treated for their specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of your Pilates classes. We keep records of the exercises that you’ve been practising to ensure we adjust your programme from week to week.

We all lead busy lives so there is a time to suit everyone, or if you’d prefer 1:1 Pilates you can book a 30 or 60-minute session in one of our London Pilates studios and you’ll be your physios’ sole focus.

To find a class please look at the individual clinic pages, where you can see what time works for you and read about the Physios in this clinic. Some of our City clinics offer Lunchtime express classes, so you can squeeze a session into your lunch hour – no excuse! You’ll find pricing information on our Pricing page, or give us a call for further information.

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