Machine-based Pilates, tailored to you

In the 90’s we were the first private clinic in the capital to embrace Physio-led Pilates.

What is Six Pilates?

  • At Six Physio we merge classic and contemporary Pilates in our fully equipped Pilates studios, using the reformer, Cadillac and Wunda chair.
  • All Pilates is Physio-led, whether a 1:1 session or 3:1 class.
  • Exercise programmes are bespoke, so you can achieve your individual goals.
  • We aim to improve your mobility, strength, balance and coordination through machine-based exercise.

Who benefits from Pilates?

The simple answer, everyone!

An Initial 1:1 assessment is essential for those who haven’t had a physio appt with us, so we can assess you and create your bespoke Pilates programme

Why choose Pilates at Six Physio?

  • Each exercise is bespoke to you, so you can work on your personal goals.
  • Physiotherapy guided routines make it a great transition from injury or an informed way to prevent future injuries.
  • We keep records of your exercises to ensure we adjust your programme from week to week, whether attending a 3:1 class or a 1:1 session.

When are classes available:

We offer Pilates classes across the week from our 9 Pilates studios

  • Our City clinics have both 1 hour and 45min classes: the latter are specifically designed to fit into your lunch hour.
  • Our more residential London clinics offer 1 hour Pilates classes 6 days a week
  • Machine-based and mat classes are available Mon to Sat at our Lindfield clinic

Looking after our patients is paramount, so we offer a limited number of Virtual Pilates classes for those who would rather not come into clinic, these are obviously mat-based so you can follow at home.

How do I book?

  • Call us on 020 7036 0286 if you’d like to book your Initial 1:1.
  • All classes can be viewed & booked on our Clinic web pages.
  • All Pilates can be paid for as individual sessions/classes or booklets are available at 10% off. Click here to see all prices.

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