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Six Pilates

Machine-based classes, tailored to you

We were the first private clinic in London to run Pilates classes back in the 80’s.

Our classes are perfectly formed with a ratio of 3:1. They are all machine-based, and you’re never just lying on your back wiggling your arms and legs around! In fact, we can’t understand how you’d let anyone who can’t relate your pain and pathology to your problem come anywhere near you!

All new patients must attend an Initial assessment prior to commencing classes: having watched you move your individual Pilates programme will be created.

  • Controlled movement
  • Individual attention
  • Wide range of exercises
  • Good communication
  • Small focused classes

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It’s all about the personal touch

During your Initial assessment, we use real-time ultrasound to assess and retrain your deep core muscles, and work out your specific body and conditioning needs. This enables your physio to tailor a programme to you, not the person who’ll be sat next to you in class.

We always focus on your specific needs, and keep records of each class you attend. There is nothing choreographed about what we offer…

With over 270 classes a week to choose from, there is sure to be a class time that suits you. Alternatively we offer Individual sessions for either 30 or 60 minutes: these 1:1 appointments are great if you need to re-focus, if you’re brand new and want to find your feet, or maybe you just prefer to be on your own.

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Tailored for all

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