Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates

Pilates classes are suitable for participants in all three trimesters of pregnancy and beyond, into the postnatal period.

Here at Six Physio, we take pride in the fact we offer high quality Pilates Classes across our 8 London Clinics and Lindfield. All our machine-based Pilates classes are a maximum of 3:1, with fully individualised programmes tailored for each participant. The classes are led by our expert physiotherapist’s, all of whom are confident in pregnancy and postnatal considerations and the necessary class modifications, meaning that classes are suitable for ladies in all three trimesters of pregnancy and beyond, into the postnatal period.

We’ve listened to demand and we are also offering Virtual classes, for those who would rather not come into clinic: these are taken by our experienced Women’s Health Physios who are able to adapt exercises for you, even though you are at home! (Please note you would need to come for an Initial session in clinic with one of the Women’s Health team.)

During pregnancy, women experience many changes in their body such as:

  • Hormonal changes resulting in increased ligament laxity. This may result in an increased risk of joint strains/sprains or development of pelvic girdle pain and pelvic floor weakness.
  • Change in centre of gravity with the increasing size of abdomen – pregnant women therefore have generally poorer balance and are more likely to slip/trip (more prone to injury).
  • Posture Changes as a result of Increasing size and weight at front of abdomen, meaning pregnant women often have an increase in spinal curvatures and therefore more aches and pains in the back
  • Weight Gain: Average weight gain 10-15Kg by end of 3rd trimester

Our Pilates classes at Six Physio are aimed at promoting optimal posture, flexibility, strength, balance and cardio fitness with a specific focus on abdominal and pelvic floor muscle health, which means they are perfectly placed for combating some of the above changes: keeping you strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

In the postnatal period, our bodies remain vulnerable for 3-6 months after the birth for many reasons such as:

  • Your stomach muscles, which normally help support the spine are weaker due to stretching and separation of the abdominals during pregnancy.
  • Weakness in the pelvic floor muscles after carrying a baby to term and going through labour. Along with your abdominals, the pelvic floor also has an important role in spinal and pelvic stability.
  • Your joints remain more flexible due to continued levels of relaxin hormone, and at higher risk of straining.
  • Caring for your baby will involve lifting, carrying, feeding and changing – all activities which will put extra strain on your back.

As during pregnancy, Pilates remains an excellent form of exercise throughout the postpartum period to help begin strengthening core, pelvic floor and glutes. We do however advise waiting until at least 6 weeks postnatal before you begin Pilates.

* If you are new to Pilates at Six Physio we require you to book an Initial Pilates 1:1 assessment session, this will allow the physio to find out how your pregnancy is going and check what you want to achieve with the classes, as well as watching you move and creating you an individual Pilates program that suits your needs not the person next to you in the class.

To find a class please look at the individual clinic pages, where you can see what time works for you and read about the Physios in this clinic. You’ll find pricing information on our Pricing page, or give us a call for further information.

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