Ski Clinic

Improve your ski technique before hitting the slopes...

No way Jose is this just about Fit to Ski Classes, and it certainly won’t involve getting your quads to burn whilst leaning against the wall. This is about enhancing your performance with what you’ve got – your body. No more, no less. Be that flat feet, weak ankles, back pain or if you're totally new to the sport. We can make you ski better.

  • We assess your posture and put you through your paces biomechanically
  • We work with YOUR BODY to tailor a personalised ski specific program
  • We’ll give you our knowledge on fitness


Essentially we will tell you what you need to work on and how, so you can ski for longer with less aches and pains.

To book a performance enhancing assessment contact our ski specialist: 
Hayley Jasper at High St Kensington