Sports Massage

Call it what you like – sports massage, deep tissue release or soft tissue manipulation – does it really matter? We want you to feel better.

Looser, less stressed, gee’d up and ready for action. A Sports Massage will help reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or the many stresses and strains of modern everyday life.

Sports Massage LondonAll our sports massage therapists at Six Physio are top drawer. We’ve all been under their thumbs at one stage or another. They’ve also had oodles of training with our physios and will always call upon the beady eye of a top physio whenever they’re needed to ensure that you soon feel better. They know what they can and can’t do.

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Pregnancy massages are available at 7 of our Clinics.


Six Physio’s Charity pledge: Running a Marathon for a great cause?
Be kind to yourself and soothe your aching muscles with a one hour sports massage during your preparation and training and we'll donate £10 to your charity. If you’re a little light on time, have a 30 minute massage and we'll donate £5. It all adds up!

(Please note this Charity Pledge cannot be taken in conjunction with any other promotion, and can only be claimed for one sports massage appt.)


Based on reviews from 3660 customers
  1. 21 Mar 17

    Great massage and useful advice, but it comes at a price

  2. 09 Mar 17

    Excellent treatment by Lucaz. The trigger point has been located and work has started in earnest - so far, so good ! Highly recommend. Very polite and just gets on with it. No messing about asking too many questions. The time is spent working on the problem.

  3. 09 Mar 17

    Honestly the best I have ever had incredible and has really freed my neck up Jackie partridge true credit to your team

  4. 09 Mar 17

  5. 09 Mar 17

    Lorenzo was excellent and very nice as well

  6. 09 Mar 17

    Excellent and very informative for a first time customer. It has greatly helped with my Marathon training.

  7. 23 Feb 17

  8. 22 Feb 17

    the therapist was very kind and advised me a Japonese tea which I tried & liked

  9. 22 Feb 17

    the therapist was very kind and advised me a Japonese tea which I tried & liked

  10. 22 Feb 17

    Fantastic recovery session after long cycling sportive. Felt a different person afterwards

  11. 16 Feb 17

    Wish I had time and funds for full body.

  12. 15 Feb 17

  13. 15 Feb 17

  14. 08 Feb 17

  15. 01 Feb 17

    Jackie has very quickly relieved the pain I have been suffering in my back. The sessions are very intensive and focus upon the problem areas. Really made to feel comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. Excellent Service!

  16. 01 Feb 17

  17. 25 Jan 17

    Ruth was great and really helped my aching shoulder, so much so its freed up and im now without pain! Good service all round.

  18. 25 Jan 17

  19. 21 Jan 17

  20. 18 Jan 17

  21. 18 Jan 17

    Was great, very happy.

  22. 05 Jan 17

    She was VERY good. Had she played music and had some candles lit it would have been total perfection!

  23. 05 Jan 17

    Dave really knew what he was doing and was very helpful and passionate about answering my questions and explaining things

  24. 30 Dec 16

    Thorough. Could use an essential oil as a massage oil.Would be more pleasant.

  25. 21 Dec 16

    Yoshiko is the best masseuse I have ever had.

  26. 14 Dec 16

    It was freezing in the room so it was hard to be comfortable. I didn't get as much out of the massage as I would've liked.

    Six Physio – 15 Dec 16

    SixPhysio logo

    Thanks for your feedback. We know a cold room is not ideal (especially at this time of year!). We do try to ensure surroundings are comfortable for all our patients. Apologies, as we've obviously failed on this occasion. As for your treatment, after talking things through we're glad that you will be returning to see us in the New Year.

  27. 13 Dec 16

    He was a nice guy

  28. 30 Nov 16

    Excellent but I only needed the one at the moment!

  29. 30 Nov 16

    I saw Lorenzo who was AMAZING. I had hurt my back in a yoga class and was very worries about it but he sorted it out and I was left pain free and able to run again.

  30. 28 Nov 16

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