Sports Massage

Call it what you like – sports massage, deep tissue release or soft tissue manipulation – does it really matter? We want you to feel better.

Looser, less stressed, gee’d up and ready for action. A Sports Massage will help reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or the many stresses and strains of modern everyday life.

Sports Massage LondonAll our sports massage therapists at Six Physio are top drawer. We’ve all been under their thumbs at one stage or another. They’ve also had oodles of training with our physios and will always call upon the beady eye of a top physio whenever they’re needed to ensure that you soon feel better. They know what they can and can’t do.

Choose a Sports Massage therapist

Pregnancy massages are available at 7 of our Clinics.


Six Physio’s Charity pledge: Running a Marathon for a great cause?
Be kind to yourself and soothe your aching muscles with a one hour sports massage during your preparation and training and we'll donate £10 to your charity. If you’re a little light on time, have a 30 minute massage and we'll donate £5. It all adds up!

(Please note this Charity Pledge cannot be taken in conjunction with any other promotion, and can only be claimed for one sports massage appt.)


Based on reviews from 4222 customers
  1. 18 Oct 17

    I felt that it was very good, and I wished that I could have had about 10-15 minutes longer.

  2. 18 Oct 17

    Excellent treatment.

  3. 18 Oct 17

    N/A everything was just perfect

  4. 13 Oct 17

    All very good on the treatment side, the only thing would be to make the consulting rooms more comfortable and relaxing (the beds are fine though) its more the actual rooms.

  5. 11 Oct 17

  6. 11 Oct 17

    It really helped me. I can't say it's enjoyable as it is quite painful, but the result is what matters and it is improving. I would definitely recommend Lorenzo

  7. 06 Oct 17

    It hasn't particularly helped the issue and I was unaware that the treatment was not performed by a trained physiotherapist.

    Six Physio – 09 Oct 17

    SixPhysio logo

    I'm not sure that we tried to pull the wool over your eyes! Sorry that your expectation wasn't met, but we're not sure that was possible. We'd love to chat this through with you.

  8. 05 Oct 17

  9. 05 Oct 17

  10. 05 Oct 17

  11. 27 Sep 17

    Great pregnancy massage, Made the world of difference

  12. 27 Sep 17

  13. 27 Sep 17


  14. 13 Sep 17

  15. 13 Sep 17

  16. 06 Sep 17

    Headache for two days after treatment but once cleared much better

  17. 06 Sep 17

    Very professional and well informed.

  18. 06 Sep 17

    Like all the professionals at 6Physio, they are athletes; they know the ache and pains; they know how to cure them.

  19. 01 Sep 17

  20. 23 Aug 17

    Great massage - targeted the key troublesome areas and within a day I was feeling 100% better

  21. 23 Aug 17

    Good advice, practical tips to address issues that can be used at home or gym

  22. 16 Aug 17

  23. 09 Aug 17

    Marie did a great job.

  24. 09 Aug 17

    Really simple to book. Good availability and excellent massage With follow up tips to help with aches and pains!

  25. 09 Aug 17

    Maeve was very professional. Did a thorough consultation prior to the massage to understand my requirement. Massage itself was fantastic and she understands the body very well. I'm a fitness professional myself and it was great to talk and be worked on with a likeminded individual.

  26. 09 Aug 17

  27. 09 Aug 17

  28. 02 Aug 17

    Jackie was great and I felt so much better for the treatment. The massage was a great supplement to stretching and foam rolling.

  29. 02 Aug 17

    Rob was amazing! I'll be back!

  30. 26 Jul 17

    Great service, just wished I had booked for longer

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