The Right Sports Massage Therapist

First up – the benefits of sports massage are just as important whether you’re injured or not.  You may actively or professionally play sport, you may lead a physically demanding life, but occupational hazards such as emotional and postural stress can produce similar characteristics to sports injuries.

From aiding recovery, promoting flexibility and enhancing sports performance to preventing injuries, loss of mobility and extending the overall life of your sporting career, sports massage has evolved and so too has the role and skill of the sports massage therapist.

At Six Physio, every sports massage therapist has a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, in particular the effect of exercise on the muscular and skeletal systems. It’s the combination of this knowledge and their wealth of experience in treating leading professional sports people that goes into devising a plan that focuses on your individual needs, so massage becomes an integral part of your training program.

If your muscles are treated regularly, a sports massage therapist can feel things and treat them before they develop in to bigger issues.

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