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Sports Physiotherapy

We focus on your rehabilitation

Most physio’s want to be involved in Sport, just as most patients would like to think they’ve got a Sports Injury!

Loads of our Six Physio team have been involved in keeping players in World Cup Finals to Olympics Golds, Wimbledon Finals and Ultramans.

We focus on your rehabilitation: from the first tentative steps post-op to the final stage required for your sport. We’ll help coach, coax and coerce your recovery. Our close links with our sports medics and surgeons make sure we can realise your full potential.

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Sports injuries can be new and acute, or chronic and ongoing.

Sports Physiotherapy includes niggles such as tennis elbow that simply refuse to go away. The key is to really get to the root of the problem.. beyond the bits you wouldn’t believe would make a difference.

Whether you’re a keen runner, cyclist, skier or swimmer your sports physio can get you back into the game or prevent you from having to take-time out in the first place!

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Getting to the root of the problem

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