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No one likes being dizzy especially when sometimes there is a simple solution to help relieve and control symptoms - Vestibular rehabilitation is the answer.

If it feels that the room spins or you can’t quite settle your eyes. Or you feel out of sorts, light headed or even a little drunk on your feet. Sometimes you get headaches and migraines, with or without aura or have been “diagnosed” with terms such as Ménière’s disease or vertigo we can probably help.

A really common symptom is rolling over in bed and feeling the world spin after, but also not really enjoying crowded, busy places or feeling light headed when changing position are all part of vestibular distress.

Our Specialist physios Jeremy Parker & Leonie Cameron are both skilled in Vestibular Rehabilitation and they will help you to understand why you feel dizzy or out of kilter and what can be done to help you and provide a long term game plan.

They are both able to treat Cervicogenic headaches and Vestibular Hypofunction, with their additional specialties:

  • Leonie is your go-to if you’re suffering with vestibular migraines
  • Jeremy specialises in BPPV & TMJ

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A physiotherapy assessment will include, but is not limited to, assessment of the neck, jaw, eye movement, balance/vestibular system, and gait. Treatment may involve some gentle hands on techniques such as the Epley manoeuvre for BPPV (Vertigo), or exercises designed to help the vestibular system, depending of the cause of the problem.

Praise for the service:

“I was suffering from really bad vertigo that was waking me up every night. I went to see Kiah and she was so brilliant – really smiley and friendly and so knowledgeable about everything – the spinning feeling scared me so much and she was so patient – she managed to treat the vertigo and now its gone, I’m so grateful – thank you Kiah, so much.”
V.L. 9th June ’19

Our physios will often work with a team of GP’s, Neurologists, and ENT specialists to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

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