Virtual Physio & Pilates explained

How can we help in this time of lockdown?

  • NEW INJURY: Got an injury that you are worried about, not sure what to do at home and would like some assessment and advice?  We can review the history, assess virtually and come up with a good management plan for home.
  • ONGOING REHAB ON HOLD:  If you were having rehab or physio and this has been stopped and virtual support is not offered, we can review your physio so far, assess virtually where you are at and help progress your rehab at home with exercises and advice on the next steps.
  • WORKING FROM HOME:  We can review any homework stations to provide input on best setup to cope with the new hours wfh.
  • NEW SPORTS UPTAKE:  We can talk through sport related issues such as any set up issues on a bike or running injuries cropping up from a new uptake in these areas for our one outing a day.

Our Virtual Team of Physios are experienced at offering these effective and fun video consultations, and they are covered by all major private insurance companies in the UK. Tobina Marx, their Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, talks us through how these appointments work and what they can cover. 

Whether this is your first virtual physio session, or you are half-way through your course of treatment, your physio will:

  1. Set up the video call at a time and on a platform that suits you, and send you instructions on how to link up in advance.
  2. At the time of the appointment connect (on your phone/laptop) and ensure we can see and hear each other well – we can advise you on best room/video set up and any equipment needed.
  3. Talk through the history of your problem and take a detailed associated medical history (this is often the most important and informative part of physiotherapy assessment anyway).
  4. Give you a thorough physical assessment by watching you move and complete different tests that we will talk you through.
  5. Give you a diagnosis and prognosis and discuss the best treatment plan.
  6. Provide you with expert education, advice, home treatment ideas and graded exercise programs to get you on the road to recovery.
  7. Keep checking up on you with regular virtual follow-up appointments as needed, to keep progressing your treatment and get you out of pain and/ or functioning normally again. 

What we can’t offer on a virtual appointment:

  • Hands-on manual therapy 

What we can do:

  • Discuss your: medical history, mechanism or onset of injury and treatment goals in detail.
  • Assess your current: pain levels / joint range of movement / muscle function / strength / balance / posture / breathing / sport related function / workstation / general exercise levels.
  • Provide education and advice on: diagnosis, prognosis, your anatomy, your pain (what, why, how to settle), normal function and how to return to this.
  • Prescribe and progress: methods to relieve pain and promote healing, self-directed manual therapy techniques, graded exercise programs to get you strong and back to normal again.


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Virtual Pilates

We are offering both 1:1 and small classes virtually

We run approximately 280 classes of Pilates a week across our clinics in normal times and hundreds more 1:1 sessions, we are delighted to be offering both of these Virtually and have had some great feedback so far.

  • 1:1 – We will kick off with an assessment of what you want from the sessions, goals, previous medical history and ask you to go through some key functional tests to guide us on the level you can work at. The sessions will then cover a wide variety of Pilates exercises on the mat or floor, sitting, standing or if you have some equipment at home using this. 

The physiotherapists have hundreds of exercises in their brains so will keep the sessions varied to keep you interested and can make them gentle for those that need that right up to burning and sweat inducing if that is the goal! 

  • CLASSES –  Our classes are all run by physiotherapists so are great for those wanting a good workout as well as those recovering from an injury.   These classes run with 4 people and the physio will modify each exercise if she or he thinks you need a specific approach. This keeps them personalised and motivating!

We have had some fantastic reviews and lots of people booking in for weekly or biweekly sessions going forward to keep themselves fit whilst in lock down and our physios are passionate about keeping people moving and boosting their physical and mental health at home so everyone is welcome to join the growing community of virtual Pilates.

Pilates at Six Physio:

  • Good for gentle physio guided exercise to keep you moving
  • Keep you moving and using the whole body, to boost physical and mental health.
  • Help with injury rehabilitation where appropriate.
  • Run by physiotherapists with excellent Pilates experience 
  • Can help keep you strong and fit or help you get fit in this period of altered activity.
  • Are personalised, carefully planned and with feedback throughout to check you are doing things correctly. 
  • Can use any equipment you have at home or can guide you as to what to buy if you so wish.
  • Are great for fun too- get the whole family involved or share a class with a mate or two!

What we can’t offer:

  • Pilates equipment – reformer, cad unless you have them at home!

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