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Covering all areas relating to Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

We celebrate the women's body: forever changing and advancing, supporting you through all stages.

Looking after women since 2010, our experience of sensitive topics ensures open and respectful conversations.

Pelvic Health Specialists

Tailoring your treatment to the individual, our Pelvic health specialists can help with anyone of any age, whether you are suffering with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction, causing incontinence, pain, pelvic organ prolapse or sexual dysfunction.

Pregnancy and beyond

Pregnancy leads to big changes in our bodies. We offer a full pregnancy assessment to ensure you are fully prepared for pregnancy and labour.

Whether you are suffering from pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems like back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome our team of Specialist Women’s Health Physios can help. Unknown to most, they are also able to treat and relieve various problems associated with breastfeeding (including blocked ducts, mastitis, engorgement).

Post pregnancy many women have questions unanswered by their GP, so at Six Physio we offer Postnatal body checks, to answer the unanswered. Our aim is to help women get back to full fitness so we have various Postnatal packages, available across all our clinics.


With the growing awareness of the side effects of the menopause we are seeing more and more patients: treating their physical aches and pains, incl pelvic floor rehabilitation for continence issues and self-care strategies to improve health, mood, sleep and well-being. Women’s Health Physiotherapy is proven to get results.

Our Team

We have 12 super-experienced physios treating out of our 8 clinics across London and Lindfield, Haywards Heath, plus we offer Virtual appointments for those who would rather not come into clinic.

Our Physios are absolutely passionate about helping women significantly improve their quality of life. Our service is highly confidential and respects the sensitive nature of these problems. If you would like to speak to any of our physios in confidence please call us on 020 7036 0286 or e-mail.

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Specialist physiotherapy treatment and training can help cure your Women's Health issues.

Obstetrics/ antenatal (Pregnancy care):

  • Advice and treatment for any pain in pregnancy including back, neck, rib and pelvic girdle pain (sacroiliac or symphysis pubis /SPD).  Also for nerve problems such as Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pain, pins and needles or numbness in the hands).
  • Your obstetric physiotherapist can help your physical preparation for labour (positions for labour, breathing techniques, massage, relaxation, TENS).
  • Pelvic Floor exercises and training, to prevent and treat incontinence.
  • Pregnancy Pilates, and  Pregnancy Massage.

Postnatal treatment includes:

  • Treatment for any muscle/joint/nerve pain post pregnancy, including back, neck and pelvic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and coccyx pain.
  • Breastfeeding Support: advice and treatment for blocked breast-ducts/mastitis (with ultrasound), breast engorgement and related back and neck pain.
  • Post-natal abdominal retraining with real-time ultrasound for weak distended abdominal muscles, for rectus divarification (separation of abdominal muscles) and following a C-Section delivery.
  • Pelvic floor re-education, or physiotherapy for pelvic floors – for incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain or following perineal trauma during delivery.
  • Individualised and safe ‘return to exercise’ programmes and Postnatal Pilates.
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Gynaecology physio:

The treatment of incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain (vulvodynia & vaginismus) including:

  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (using Kegal exercises, real-time ultrasound, EMG biofeedback, muscle simulation and cones).
  • Manual therapy for overactive or painful pelvic floor muscles.
  • Bladder Training and Acupuncture for overactive bladder syndrome.
  • Safe rehabilitation following pelvic floor surgery or hysterectomy.

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