Pain in Pregnancy

Approximately one in five women develop back and pelvic pain in pregnancy and the symptoms can be different for each woman.

It may just be a little stiffness or a few aches as a result of a change in posture due to your growing bump, while others may experience more severe pain in pregnancy.  Some women may develop pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PGP), often referred to as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).The symphysis pubis is a stiff joint connecting the two halves of the pelvis, strengthened by a dense network of tough and flexible ligaments.  During pregnancy the body produces relaxin – a hormone which softens the ligaments to help the baby pass through the pelvis at the time of birth.

The increased movement in the pelvic joints can cause inflammation and pain in pregnancy.  Many women complain of pubic bone and lower back pain, which can also radiate to your inside thighs & buttocks, which may be more noticeable when going upstairs or turning over in bed.

Pelvic pain in pregnancy isn’t something you have to live with – getting the right advice and treatment early from an experienced physiotherapist can keep pain to a minimum and help avoid long term discomfort. At Six Physio we only use super qualified physios that are available at all of our top London clinics and Lindfield. So help is just a call or an email away

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