Postnatal Body Check

Get your What, Why and How postnatal body questions answered

We often see postnatal women who, having been back to their GP for a 6-week check, still have many questions unanswered, so we've got the ideal assessment to give you all the answers you need!

When it comes to return to exercise after having your baby, we believe that your rehabilitation deserves personalised and holistic care.

We understand the impact that pregnancy has on your pelvic floor and core and encourage all women to have their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles assessed so that they can be safely guided back to exercise. Whether your goals are to simply move more and feel better or return to sport, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through each step of the process. We provide a nurturing environment to safely build your confidence and help you feel your best.

Our postnatal body check is usually recommended at around 6 weeks postpartum and is the perfect time to explore any concerns you might have and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. In these appointments we may cover:

  • An assessment of your pelvic floor muscle function and strength
  • An assessment of your abdominal muscle function and check for any abdominal muscle separation
  • Education on optimal bladder and bowel habits
  • Assessment and advice around scar healing
  • Develop an individualised exercise plan and guidance for returning to exercise based on your needs and symptoms

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