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Postnatal Body Check

Get your What, Why and How postnatal body questions answered

We often see postnatal women who, having been back to their GP for a 6-week check, still have many questions unanswered, so we've got the ideal assessment to give you all the answers you need!

You probably won’t need physiotherapy post pregnancy but your 1 hour session will cover everything you wanted to know:

  • Full back, pelvis & posture assessment
  • Detailed abdominal muscle assessment, including check for muscle separation and activation
  • Abdominal muscle re-education, using real time ultrasound where appropriate
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and re-education
  • Advice on postnatal exercises & safe return to activity and exercise

Women’s Health Physios are located at all 8 of our London clinics & at Lindfield, West Sussex: please call 020 7036 0286 or email

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